Film Products

Printing web-offset on film is one of the specialities of DG press. DG press helps you to control web tension, printing pressures and issues regarding the water and ink for different substrates. With our extensive knowledge and experience about the first generation presses, Vision and Vision SP, DG press developed the second generation press for flexible materials which is called the Thallo. The Thallo is a real game changer in the flexible packaging industry. If you are interested in printing web- offset on film, DG press can develop a business plan for flexo or rotogravure printers to convert to the offset technology.

Film products:

  • Flexible packaging
  • Roll-fed labels / Wrap around labels
  • In-mold Labels
  • Shrink sleeve labels
  • Self-adhesive / pressure sensitive labels

What is offset?

Pre-press process

Offset benefits

Related Machines

VSOP (Pre-Owned)

The VSOP (Variable Sleeve Offset Printing) offers a simple and fast format change for the offset printing process. One of the biggest advantages of the VSOP is that it is very easy to change the printing length without changing the complete offset insert by using its patented sleeve technology. The VSOP is very efficient because of the fast and easy job changeovers especially when many different printing repeat lengths are required.

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Vision (Pre-Owned)

Almost 50 years of experience in press manufacturing has led to the first servo driven press ever in the graphical printing industry. The Vision is a short- make- ready web offset printing press that combines shaft less technology with nearly all possibilities for inline options. The press can be used for a wide variety of products, including commercial print products, direct mail products, label, pharmaceutical inserts and various flexible packaging applications.

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