Installation & Start up

Commissioning and training services

Whether it is a new, reconfigured or relocated press; DG press has the experience, knowhow and resources to get your press up and let them run as soon as possible. With our experience we want to be a reliable partner and we aim to contribute to your return on investment. DG press beliefs that a high performance level of your press often goes beyond the press. Aspects such as environment, chemistry, operator skills, prepress and logistics need to be adjusted to the new situation. The support of DG press in this process will result in a shorter learning curve and an accelerated ROI.

Original spares

to Gazelle, Vision and VSOP

DG press offers original – new or used- spare parts for VSOP, Gazelle and Vision which can be supplied directly from our warehouse or OEM suppliers. Contact our Spare Parts Coördinator for enquiries:

Modifications and configuration changes

Press upgrades

Besides specific maintenance kits, dedicated to your press, various upgrade kits for increasing performance and functionality can be useful. Due to the modular concept of the VSOP, Vision and Gazelle presses it is easy to add or remove printing units and main components such as processing units, sheeters or drying and curing units. For further information, please read our technical bulletins or contact us via +31 (0)3 13 67 19 11

Used and refurbished presses

Affordable solutions

DG press is specialized in upgrading and refurbishing (Drent) presses. If you require any further information feel free to contact us via +31 (0)3 13 67 19 11.

Helpdesk support

Various packages of remote support

Because of our customized helpdesk DG press can offer and execute all kinds of support plans. If you require any further information feel free to contact us via +31 (0)3 13 67 19 11.

Repair services

Hardware, software or mechanical

DG press’ experienced and skilled engineers are travelling all around the world to repair, maintain and implement changes in hardware, software and mechanical components.

Health checks

Increase your press reliability

A regular health check of your press is a very valuable tool to increase the reliability of your press and decrease unplanned down time and negative consequences. DG press believes that it is essential to know the condition of the presses and can help you to eliminate weak points and avoid press failures.

Maintenance agreements

Various levels of security

DG press provides and executes maintenance contracts on various levels of security. Regardless the number of machines and coverage, DG press adjusts the maintenance contract to your wishes and demands.

Product and process development

The right specialists to support you

Developing and changing features and products to a (hybrid) press requires a broad insight and understanding of the interaction between inks, substrates, chemistry, press adjustment and characteristics of the printing process. DG press has the network and specialists to support you in the complex area of product development.

Production management tools

TPM, OEE tools and programs

The vision of DG press is that the press and its specifications are only one element in a profitable production process. Therefore, DG press developed specific WCM (World Class Manufacturing ) tools dedicated to any production equipment. These WCM measure and steer improvements in your processes and performance.

Production assistance

For a few days or for a few months

DG press has highly skilled service engineers who are pleased to give you (extra) advice and support. Whether it is for a few days or a few months, DG press is always willing to assist you.

Maintenance and training

Standard and advanced training

DG press provides standard and advanced training for your employees. The training courses are organized “in house” at DG press or on location nearby your press. DG press can train your operating staff as well as your maintenance staff on all disciplines of printing, operating and maintenance work.

Operator assessment

Get the right people on the right job

Modern printing presses such as the VSOP are like racing cars, they can perform far beyond standard limits if they are driven by the right driver. DG press developed, in cooperation with the Dutch Graphic Knowledge centre, an international operator assessment to measure the basic printing skills of your staff. If needed, the assessment is concluded with a comprehensive advice for a specific training program in order to develop the skills of your staff.

General consultancy

Printing and press technology

DG press’ mission is to support you beyond the press. In addition, DG press wants to add value to your production process by using our experience and extensive network. Whether it is executing an audit on your press operations, support you in producing realistic ROI calculations for an investment, selecting a future printing crew or assisting with an effective WCM program around your press, you will never regret our involvement.

New press implementations

Lean Manufacturing

The DG press service program consist of training and assistance in implementing Lean Manufacturing tools in your new printing processes. This implementation reduces the learning and - optimizing curves and time to establish a profitable and optimized printing process.